OPEN LETTER TO DR JEN GUNTER Dear Jennifer Gunter, I’m a GYN, and when I can remember to do my jade egg practice for more than a few nights in a row, I begin orgasming in my sleep. There is nothing the patriarchy likes to see more than a good cat-fight. I read your open letter to Ms Paltrow when it was published in 2017, and at the time found it very unfortunate. I, too, struggled with whether it was worth my time or mental energy making a public response as urgent social, environmental and political events piled up around us. I decided to classifyRead More →

Thousands of women undergo LEEPs every year without being informed of a potentially devastating result: the loss of their ability to enjoy sex. Cosmo investigates why doctors aren’t taking this side effect more seriously. Source: LEEP Procedure to Prevent Cervical Cancer Can Ruin Women’s Sex Lives Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

Dawn Reinfeld: “Mark my words. When the history of this THC epidemic is written, it will include the fact that permissive laws were passed that preceded the science. People may call me crazy now, and shoot me down on FB, but there is a five alarm fire happening with our teens and we risk destroying a generation. This is not your mommas pot of the Woodstock days. The THC that is often vaped in Colorado can be over 90% Potency. It’s ruining young lives.” Source: Majority Of Vaping-Related Lung Disease In Wisconsin Linked To THC Products | Wisconsin Public Radio Recommend on Facebook Tweet aboutRead More →

An extensive study has confirmed that the risk of developing celiac disease is connected to the amount of gluten children consume. The new study is observational and therefore does not prove causation; however, it is the most comprehensive of its kind to date. Source: Association between celiac disease risk and gluten intake confirmed — ScienceDaily Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

As food writer Mark Bittman recently remarked, since food is defined as “a substance that provides nutrition and promotes growth” and poison is “a substance that promotes illness,” then “much of what is produced by industrial agriculture is, quite literally, not food but poison.” Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Eliminating pesticides and transitioning to organic regenerative farming can get us back on track to nutritious food, restore microbiomes and protect our health. Let’s break all this down, and then talk solutions.   Source: Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic. Long Live Microbiomes! – Scientific American Blog Network Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

The link of low vitamin D levels and Epstein Barr Virus in causing lupus: SHARE with everyone who has lupus There is a well thought out theory linking low vitamin D levels with Epstein Barr virus (EBV) infections and its ability to cause SLE. Low vitamin D levels has been linked to causing low levels of a type of white blood cell of the immune system called CD8+ T-cells. CD8+ T-cells are important for our body’s ability to fight off viral infections such as EBV. Therefore, low vitamin D levels could cause low levels of CD8+ T-cells in a person. If that person becomesRead More →