Reducing and/or eliminating the more than one billion pounds of pesticides used last year is more urgent than ever. “There is compelling evidence that exposure of pregnant women to very low levels of organophosphate pesticides is associated with lower IQs and difficulties with learning, memory or attention in their children.” Source: Leading researchers call for a ban on widely used insecticides: Use of organophosphates has lessened, but risks to early brain development still too high — ScienceDaily Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

I began my journey into resolving the mechanism by which particular dietary components trigger her autistic traits. I realised that for people to accept and benefit from it, resolving the mechanism was vital. Without that, it simply sounds too implausible and to be honest, I can completely relate to that – I was and am an anti-snake-oil person. I have always needed evidence and understanding before I can accept something.   But what separates me from most now is that I have been humbled by what I have seen with my own eyes. I had been quite arrogant in my scientific surety of what wereRead More →

“Broadly speaking, the vagus nerve is always associated with the parasympathetic nervous system and has an inhibitory influence upon the heart and sympathetic nervous system activity. Most importantly, Porges’ research identified that the parasympathetic nervous system has two presentations that depend upon whether you feel safe or feel threatened. In times of safety, the parasympathetic nervous system facilitates rest, relaxation, and digestion. However, in times of threat the parasympathetic nervous system has a defensive mode…”   Source: Polyvagal theory unlocks symptoms of PTSD | Dr. Arielle Schwartz Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it