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Even Beginners Can Curb Pain With Meditation : Shots – Health News : NPR (0)

September 2, 2014 • Category: Health

Even Beginners Can Curb Pain With Meditation : Shots – Health News : NPR. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

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Bisphenol A (BPA)»

24,000 chemicals in bottled water?! (0)

Well it seems to have taken about 15 years in my lifetime from reading  Nature journal at my friend’s place of residence, which at that time was the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OK… I think I even found it in a magazine rack beside the composting toilet and brought it outside to read the […]


How Can We Work with Stress in Our Everyday Life? – Ponlop Rinpoche (video) (0)

Here is a beautiful simple direct short teaching from Ponlop Rinpoche. It’s not so easy but it is simple. Great encouragement to practice. HOW CAN WE WORK WITH STRESS IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE? – YouTube. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it


Psychologist Mary Pipher on America’s Biggest Social Taboo | Psychology Today (0)

  This is a GREAT interview with Mary Pipher about what she describes as America’s biggest social taboo: Climate change. Here is just a taste: Well, one thing I’d say to America as a client on the couch is that the amount of psychic energy it spends in denial around this urgent and terrifying issue […]


How the Smell of Your Home Could Be Making You Sick – The Crux | DiscoverMagazine.com (0)

Great article about toxic mold and how it works…   “…But the smell of mold was another matter. Most things we can smell are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and some VOCs are known to make people sick. “I knew that a minor theory was that sick building syndrome might be caused by the VOCs that […]


The Strange Case of Homeopathy | Psychology Today (2)

This was published in Psychology Today in 2004. Its a good brief overview of why so many people continue to seek homeopathic treatment despite the ongoing opposition to it by medical professionals, skeptics and opinionated onlookers. Just this month the Swiss Government published its extensive review of homeopathic medicine to decide whether to continue funding […]

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Identifying trauma risk in small children early after an accident (0)

Sep. 23, 2013 — Small children also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders after a serious accident. With the aid of a new test, children with an increased risk can already be identified in the space of a few days. The test devised by scientists from the University of Zurich and the University Children’s Hospital Zurich […]


Meditation Misconceptions on Vimeo (0)

I am currently involved in a conversation about meditation or “mindfulness” and all the myriad of interpretations and meanings of these terms that have become so common in popular culture and the media these days. Not a day goes by, it seems where someone is talking about mindfulness and how it will make you healthy […]

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30 Year Study debunks myths on organic farms:: Rodale Institute (0)

  The results are in from a 30-year side-by-side trial of conventional and organic farming methods at Pennsylvanias Rodale Institute. Contrary to conventional wisdom, organic farming outperformed conventional farming in every measure. Full Article from Phoenix Star here: Study debunks myths on organic farms. REPORT: 30 Years of the Farming Systems Trial | Rodale Institute.   Research […]


A More Perfect Union :: The Sun Magazine (0)

Interview with Esther Perel: “On Intimacy, Infidelity, and Desire in Long-Term Relationships” But this interview is much more than that, it’s about sexuality, culture and creativity. A really fascinating therapist. The Sun Magazine | A More Perfect Union. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it


Oranges (or any citrus) are not the safest fruit – they all exceed pesticide limits – Environment – The Independent (0)

I recently read about the chemicals that can legally be applied to orange and lemon skins since they are deemed “inedible”. This is insane as not only do we use them for cooking but every cold drink in a restaurant or bar comes with a wedge of lemon of unknown origin. I cannot find the […]