One of the dramatic demonstrations of the role of nutrition in mental health came from studies Rucklidge and colleagues did following two earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2010 and 2011. Participants who received high doses of micronutrients reported significantly lower levels of anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress symptoms. The benefits were sustained at a one-year follow-up. Similar results were found by Rucklidge’s colleague, Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, following a flood in Calgary in 2013. Source: Micronutrients in Psychiatry: Sound Science or Just Hype? | Psychology Today Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

Neither metal is highly absorbed by the cocoa beans. And yet cocoa products contain one of the highest amounts of lead, and a high amount of cadmium. This shows us that the source of contamination, despite what manufacturers say, is unlikely to be from natural contamination from the soil. And there is research to back this up. A research article in Environmental Health Perspectives looked at the studies done by American, Nigerian, British, and Australian researchers, and concluded that only a small part o Source: Over 45 Chocolate Brands Contain Toxic Amounts of Lead and Cadmium (Major “Organic” Store Chain Brands Included… Recommend on FacebookRead More →

A recent study investigating the association between dietary fat intake and the development of skin cancers found polyunsaturated fat intake especially omega-6 fat to be modestly and consistently associated with skin cancer risk. Source: Fat intake linked to skin cancer risk | Dermatology Times Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

When I was 45 I developed some cognitive issues, was tested and my information processing speed was in the 8th percentile!!! I can’t imagine how this would impact a kid. It took everything I had to speak up for myself and keep my self-confidence. Lucky the neuropsychologist impressed upon me that I was “very very bright” but even then it was really hard. Especially for family members who were used to me being fast.   Source: Slow Processing Speed: How It Affects Kids in School and in Daily Life Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it