“So what should you do if your social life is lacking? Here, too, the research is instructive. To begin with, don’t dismiss the humble acquaintance. Even interacting with people with whom one has weak social ties has a meaningful influence on well-being. [7] Beyond that, building deeper friendships may be largely a matter of putting in time. A recent study out of the University of Kansas found that it takes about 50 hours of socializing to go from acquaintance to casual friend, an additional 40 hours to become a “real” friend, and a total of 200 hours to become a close friend. [8]”   Source:Read More →

YSource: That ‘White Meat Raises Your Cholesterol As Much As Red Meat!’ Study Is A Pile of Chicken $#@% – Fat Head “You don’t develop heart disease because your body makes too much LDL. You develop heart disease because your body makes the wrong kind of LDL. When your coronary arteries become damaged or inflamed, LDL shows up to repair the damage. But if your body is producing LDL that’s small and dense, then those particles can become embedded in your arteries and trigger the formation of a plaque. Here are a couple of quotes from studies on LDL particle size and heart disease: LDLRead More →

Scientists from the University of Nottingham have discovered that drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate ‘brown fat’, the body’s own fat-fighting defenses, which could be the key to tackling obesity and diabetes. Source: Could coffee be the secret to fighting obesity? — ScienceDaily Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

Ovarian reserve, a term widely adopted to reflect the number of resting follicles in the ovary and thus a marker of potential female fertility, has been found in a large-scale study to be adversely affected by high levels of air pollution. Source: Air pollution found to affect marker of female fertility in real-life study: Decline in ovarian reserve related to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in atmosphere — ScienceDaily Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

“A just-published validating article summarizing the very real abnormal physiological findings in ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome, which is the chronic illness I’ve been gradually recovering from) that are being taken increasingly seriously. These findings come from research all around the world. Includes references to the cell danger response research, how it reflects a state of hibernation-like symptoms, as well as changes in the nervous system and elsewhere. It’s a clear, not-too-long article to also give to your doctors if it’s helpful. Written by Harvard physician and professor Dr. Anthony Kamaroff, who has been involved in figuring out underlying causes since the 1980s.” -Veronique Mead at ChronicRead More →