Amazing research about food’s impact on our genetic material from Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D: Food is thought to break down during digestion into the building blocks for our body to survive, but new science reveals how these Micro RNA molecules are transported intact from the food directly into your blood stream, acting as active epigenetic material Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

My concern here is that in today’s world, many people who practice Buddhism seem to feel that when someone forgives them, they have been absolved and the matter ends there. Forgiveness in their minds completes the transaction, albeit not as it would have ended if the debt had been paid. No mention is made of the power of grace, and not many individuals would claim that power for themselves.  Karma does not work that way, however.Karma is not based in transactions. It is based in evolution. Patterns of beh Source: Forgiveness Is Not Buddhist – Tricycle: The Buddhist Review Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

From Gary Sharpe DIRECT LINK BETWEEN VAGUS NERVE DYSREGULATION AND GUT MICROBIOME IMBALANCES This is a very important article, in my view, because it points to something I’ve felt true for a while: that imbalances in gut microbiome, much purported to be the principal underlying reason for illnesses currently, are just as much an effect of nervous system dysregulation/chronic illness as a cause. In particular, this science review article draws the important bi-directional arrows between Vagus Nerve dysfunction and gut biome disruption, while also pointing to stress/trauma being the principle causative mechanisms for both: Summary: “The microbiota, the gut, and the brain communicate through theRead More →

This might seem like a minor issue: not sounding crazy to people when explaining reasons for the diet. But in my world, before I started the blogging, and having a following for people to quantify/qualify whether I’m losing my marbles or not, the act of explaining the histamine intolerance diet to friends, family, and the strangers in whose hands my fate lay in (waiters, hotel owners, doctors), was fraught with stress and unhappiness. I remember explaining my diet to a mast cell doctor I consulted with. He looked at me like I had two heads and told me that if my symptoms were controlled through diet, thenRead More →