Beautiful prose from Australian National Treasure, Tim Winton about a very important subject.. “But I want to focus on the boys for a moment. For what a mystery a boy is. Even to a grown man. Perhaps especially to a grown man. And how easy it is to forget what beautiful creatures they are. There’s so much about them and in them that’s lovely. Graceful. Dreamy. Vulnerable. Qualities we either don’t notice, or simply blind ourselves to. You see, there’s great native tenderness in children. In boys, as much as in girls. But so often I see boys having the tenderness shamed out of them.”Read More →

Chris Masterjohn PhD: Evolutionary Psychiatrist Emily Deans recently tweeted that she tests resistant depression patients for MTHFR status and finds ~50% of them to be C677T homozygous, which is the most severe reduction in MTHFR activity among the common polymorphisms. This is only in about 13% of the population. Although this is from an unpublished case series in a single clinical practice and not a peer-reviewed study of a random sample of a specific clinical population, it is still quite a staggering difference, close to 3.8 fold. I believe anyone with mental health issues should be tested for methylation status.  @evolutionarypsy FollowFollow @evolutionarypsy More I swearRead More →

This is reportedly a very good article. Many apologies for the awful presentation, ads etc.   “When you enter the freeze response, you appear still and unmoving but your internal experience is far from still; the exterior stillness masks a state of internal chaos. The unconscious mind, nervous system and body in general are being flooded with too much information and become overwhelmed. It’s like having insane jumping beans and fires and fire engines and a circus that all just kind of glom together internally to create a feeling of confusion, overwhelm and cacophony. If the amount of chaos becomes too high, it can createRead More →