The processed food industry has infiltrated the Dietitians Association of Australia and the Dietitians Association – with its sugar and cereal lobby funding – has infiltrated public health policy, as documented on this website. Now, science journalist, Maryanne Demasi, reveals how the organisation targets its opponents. She also investigates claims the peak professional body for dietitians has been misleading its members over efforts to become an accredited profession. Source: Investigation: dietitians lobby infiltrates public policy but fails accreditation – Michael West Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

After having established SLE, mice were fed a diet containing VOO or sunflower oil for 24 weeks. Of note, the dose of VOO in mice was equivalent to 20 grams per day for a person of 70 kilograms (154 pounds) body weight, the scientists noted. Source: Virgin Olive Oil May Help Reduce SLE Activity, Mouse Study Suggests Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

So, to summarize, the dangers of modern research into the effectiveness of secularized meditation are these: a) most such efforts are directed towards the potential side-effects, both good and bad, of secularized — and preliminary level — meditation only, yet the results of such limited studies are promiscuously applied to all meditation, including traditional meditation practices; b) researchers are handicapped by a worldview which specifically excludes the actual focus of traditional meditation practices Source: The Idea of Secular Meditation is a Dangerous Chimera Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

The you remind yourself: all that’s happening is that I’m experiencing a belief, my body is duplicating this thought into an emotion, this feeling.   Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

“Something is believed that is out of harmony with what is…” “Is it true?” “It was a misinterpretation of an event. This is how all these beliefs get started: Something happens… and then our minds misinterpret it. Pboom! The belief is solidified… and you just look at it… just sustain it… until it opens.” “Anything you get hooked on: you can question it… until it pops like a bubble” – Adyashanti Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

Lupus flares linked to pollution and high temperatures: Lay readable article: Actual medical abstract presented at EULAR: Results of research from the Lupus Center at Johns Hopkins by Dr. George Stojan, Dr. Michelle Petri et al. Lupus patients had more skin, joint, and nervous system flares on hotter days. They had increased bouts of pleurisy, pericarditis, and lower blood count flares during increased pollution days. Source: SLE flares linked to air temperature, pollution | Rheumatology News Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it

Amazing research about food’s impact on our genetic material from Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D: Food is thought to break down during digestion into the building blocks for our body to survive, but new science reveals how these Micro RNA molecules are transported intact from the food directly into your blood stream, acting as active epigenetic material Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it