Jeff D. Leach is a science and archaeology writer and founder of the Human Food Project. OVER 7,000 strong and growing, community farmers’ markets are being heralded as a panacea for what ails our sick nation. The smell of fresh, earthy goodness is the reason environmentalists approve of them, locavores can’t live without them, and the first lady has hitched her vegetable cart crusade to them. As health-giving as those bundles of mouthwatering leafy greens and crates of plump tomatoes are, the greatest social contribution of the farmers’ market may be its role as a delivery vehicle for putting dirt back into the American dietRead More →

More info on A1/A2 milk products “For some people, cow’s milk is simply devastating to health. We can wish for milk to be healthy because of its calcium and protein. We can hope that milk is better if it’s raw or organic. We cannot get around the fact that one of the proteins in milk – A1 casein – is highly inflammatory for some people. In susceptible individuals, A1 casein is cleaved to form a powerful immune-modulating opiate called casomorphin. Not all cows produce A1 casein. It comes from Holstein and Friesian cows who are the dominant breeds in western Europe, North America and Australia.Read More →