Great article by Ken McLeod about happiness, spiritual practice and life! here’s just a taste: As Don Cupitt notes in his book The Great Questions of Life, we are at the beginning possibly in the middle, but definitely not at the end of a global shift in the concept of religion, a shift away from the view of religion as a way of transcending the human condition and toward a view that religion is about embracing the human condition. He opens this talk with a description of how the use of the language of life has, over the past century, largely replaced the language ofRead More →

From Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times. He also wrote this on his facebook page: There’s a class of chemicals that is linked to everything from cancer to shrinkiing penises. Big Chem is blocking regulation of these chemicals, such as BPA, which are even in food packaging. Please help spread the word! When I posted this column, a FB follower named @Scribbler_Jones made an important analogy. Everybody now acknowledges that DES is a dangerous, cancer-causing endocrine disruptor. But the link was published in 1971, and it took until 2000 to ban DES for humans. Yup, 29 years of delay. Likewise, we now have growingRead More →