This week I heard this radio program on ABC Radio National and then just received an article on teen drinking in Australia (from my High School friend, Peta Dargent Burchell). Since we were in highschool (30 years ago) teen drinking was very common but the drinking age seems to be going down and the regularity of binge drinking increasing.I dont have any data for this, just my impresion. I have plenty of friends in recovery from alcoholism (most of whom started drinking as early teens) and I was well aware of the extent of alcoholism as a deeply ingrained aspect of Australian culture by theRead More →

  Here is a short video of a Researcher at Bond University (Australia) on the beneficial qualities of Coconut Oil. It seems to be produced by a company that imports and sells Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) but what he says applies to any EVCO. Virgin Coconut Oil Health Benefits explained by Dr Talbot – YouTube.   Dr Mercola (of course) has his own rave about it and the brand he endorses: Then of course there is Mary Enig PhD. from the Weston Price Foundation (she has been researching lipids her entire career) her book Eat Fat Lose Fat, also has alot of informationRead More →

Here is an article from November 2007 about Naropa University. I’m including it here mostly because it includes Robert Spellman whom I studied with and greatly appreciate for his original mind, great open heartedness and persistent humour. He has practiced meditation for something like 40 years and still manages to offer it fresh, to new students. His classes The Contemplative Artist and Meditation Practicum are highlights of my time at Naropa. I also love his art which you can find here “All this unconventional study is conducted with great seriousness and purpose, which is not to say humorlessness. Here, for instance, is what RobertRead More →

This is a fascinating summary of the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Nutritional Program. What she has to say about vaccination makes sense also, that these kids (no longer 1:10,000 in the UK (1984) now 1:150 or even 1:66 being diagnosed with autism) are so weak in their immune and digestive systems that vaccination is the ‘final straw’. She isn’t questioning normal vaccine protocol for all kids but rather tests them in advance and treats the problems very early, preferable long before an autism diagnosis would normally be made and also siblings. In summary, the protocol consists ofRead More →